h1. HackingHour

Hacking Hour is a scientist-friendly meeting where people can share their expertise on programming and numerical methods.

Although the structure will be in continuous evolution, the main idea is to have some time dedicated to discussion about popular topics/problems or new fancy techniques, and some time for practical tutorials/demo/messing-around of popular softwares.

The name Hacking Hour is not random: what we are trying to get is a space where people can discuss problems or show cool new things; the tutorials are meant to be interactive demonstrations of what can be done, not how to do it. This meetings are not lectures on how to use a particular software. The idea is that people learn about something at the Hacking Hour and then look for a proper tutorial online (or knock at someone's door, ourselves' included) for help; and you don't have to look very far for help, we are going to put in this page (Other interesting tutorials / documentation) links related to the topics we touch during a meeting.

h2. Tutorials presented at LAM

h2. Practical session

h2. Other interesting tutorials / documentation