Here you can find and download all the ETC-42 versions (the latest and older ones). The versions are presented in decreasing version order (newer are higher). Note that if a newer version does modifications to the local database, the same database cannot be used with older versions. The ETC-42 will always prompt for a confirmation if this is the case and the execution can be canceled without the database being modified.

Version 0.5.5 Download

Change Log:
  1. many Bugs fixed, see issues
  2. Updated importing options for presets (Official repository)
  3. When calculation parameters are not wide enough, it's now possible to truncate them in a calculable range

Version 0.5.4 Download

Change Log:
  1. many Bugs fixed, see issues
  2. Support for VOTable template
  3. Tool for multiple import of components See Fixtures

Version 0.5.2 Download

Change Log:
  1. many Bugs fixed, see issues

Version 0.5.0 Download

Change Log:
  1. The calculation algorithm has been modified to handle arbitrary bi-variate function PSFs + other small improvements (see document Calculation Procedure for more details)
  2. Calculation for central pixel SNR
  3. Support for VOTable drag and drop of the simulation results has been implemented
  4. Feature #10: Basic Adaptive Optics support
  5. Bug #78: Transmission Creator Null Shape
  6. Bug #87: De Vaucouleurs computations
  7. Feature #79: Comments in data files
  8. Bug #86: Change the "AB Magnitude" label to "AB magnitude"
  9. Feature #97: Redshift option for black body and emission line
  10. Bug #90: Change the "Obstruction" label to "Area obstruction"
  11. Bug #89: Import of paranal site not working on Mac
  12. Feature #113: Source with flat energy flux
  13. Feature #114: Extra background noise and signal
  14. Feature #116: Improve the functionality of the image panel
  15. Updated to work with Java 7
  16. Caching has been improved to limit the expansion of the used memory
  17. Bug #120: Mouse problem when maximized on Gnome 3
  18. Change the "Function" label for the spectral resolution to "Resolving Power" (part of bug #136)

Version 0.4.1 Download

Change Log:
  1. Feature #66: During first execution, now the user is prompted for using the Component Import Tool for populating the database with components.
  2. Feature #70: URLs can now be dragged and dropped in the Import URLs list.
  3. Feature #75: A plugin for creating the instrument transmission was added. The supported shapes are continuous, band-pass and normalized Gaussian.
  4. Feature #68, #71: A new Options window is now available as a centralized place for setting the configuration of the ETC-42.
  5. Feature #76: It is now available the option to reload the plugins without restarting the ETC-42 as well as installing a new plugin directly from the GUI.
  6. Bug #65: VOTable sent to wrong application
  7. Bug #77: Plugin windows location
  8. Bug #74: Add button location of the Import Sky Flux from files plugin
  9. Bug #67: Transmission name in Dataset Management Tool

Version 0.4.0 Download

Change Log:
  1. Feature #54: Script name as parameter in command line mode
  2. Feature #57: Tool for multiple import of components, both locally and remotely
  3. Feature #50, #53: Tool for dataset management
  4. Feature #64: Option for spectral resolution automatic calculation based on fixed Delta Lambda per pixel
  5. Bug #52: Plugin showing result without translation failure
  6. Bug #17: Data not updated when Execute button is pressed
  7. Bug #31: copy/paste problem of multiple lines from command history
  8. Bug #48: Number of exposures for fixed SNR
  9. Changed the position of the popup windows from the center of the screen to the center of the Frame

Version 0.3.2 Download

Change Log:
  1. Bug #45: Zero signal for imaging with emission line source
  2. Bug #44: Further improved the datasets importing performance by changing the way they are saved in the database. Now it should take just few seconds to import even very big datasets.
  3. Rearranged the panels in the Observing Parameters to have the "Fixed Parameter" option at the top.
  4. Bug #46: The fixed SNR wavelength fields are not visible any more in imaging mode
  5. Bug #47: Removed the Band option for the fixed SNR wavelength. Now the fixed SNR wavelength is given by the user via an editable combo box. This combo box contains as reference the central wavelengths of the filter bands.
  6. Bug #48: Removed from the GUI the "Exposures number" option when fixed SNR is selected. Also the DIT option is selected automatically when fix SNR is selected.

Version 0.3.1 Download

Change Log:
  1. Removed the Confusion Noise panel, as this is not yet implemented.
  2. Changed the order of "Sky Brightness" and "Template" in the Sky Emission panel.
  3. Removed the AO option for the PSF, as this is not yet implemented.
  4. Now the default created database contains the following available as generic options:
    - Bessell UBVRI filter transmissions
    - 100% total transmission for 2000-20000 angstrom
    - Unit sky absorption for 2000-20000 angstrom
    - Zero sky extinction for 2000-20000 angstrom
  5. Changed the name of the "Log" panel to "Command history"
  6. Modified the Web Import Browser to prompt to download URLs ending in .xml without loading them first in the panel
  7. Fix for Bug #43 (error during calculation with fixed SNR for V or I band)
  8. Fix for Bug #44 (Importing datasets is now 10 times faster)

Version 0.3.0 Download

Change Log:
  1. Fixed a wrong message when failing the check of the sky emission, galactic and zodiacal flux unit.
  2. Added support for multi-datasets.
  3. Added support for plugins.
  4. Changed the sky emission to be a multi-dataset with options the phase of the moon.
  5. Added a plugin to add sky emissions as multi-datasets.
  6. Changed the import from remote server to give a list of URLs and added a frame for configuring them.
  7. Removed the "day from new moon" and modified ETC to use the options of the sky emission multi-dataset for the list presented to the user.
  8. Added the ability to send the outputs via SAMP.

Version Download

Change Log:
  1. Changed the label "Spectral Resolution" to "Spectral Resolution (per pixel).
  2. Added the unit "angstrom per pixel" in the unit list.
  3. Updated the spectral resolution to be in angstrom per pixel.
  4. Added the unit "unitless" in the unit list.
  5. Added a "Clear" button on the log tab, which clears the log.
  6. Changed the labels "???" appearing on some plots to meaningful strings.
  7. Changed all the database tables to keep 50 characters for the units instead of 20

Version 0.2.2 Download

Change Log:
  1. Fixed the scrolling bars for the input panels and the results, for the scrolling to be faster.
  2. Removed the limitation for the AB magnitude to be positive. Now it can have also negative values.
  3. Added the option to chose the size of the convolution kernel, either to always be the spectral resolution element, or to be according the selection of the user.
  4. Changed the sky area calculator for photometry to use the number of pixels and the pixel scale instead of the PSF.
  5. Changed the Emission Line option for the source spectral distribution to work with the FWHM of the emission line.
  6. Modified the input of the units when importing a dataset to give a list to chose from instead of a text field.
  7. Fixed the command line to handle boolean properties.
  8. Added the unit erg/cm^2/s/A/arcsec^2 in the list of the possible units when importing a dataset.
  9. Fixed a bug because of which, when having fix SNR, the calculated exposure time was visible only on the debug results and not on the final ones.
  10. Changed the calculation of the wavelength range for imaging to take in consideration also the total transmission and introduced the LambdaRange calculator.
  11. Fixed the SkyArea calculation for slit to use the spatial binning for the spatial direction instead of the PSF FWHM. The previous behavior was wrong and was giving correct results only for slit spectroscopy of point source targets.

Version 0.2.1 Download

Change Log:
  1. Added the jsamp dependency also on the Controller module. This is not affecting the build, as the jsamp is a dependency of the Controller dependencies, but it should be like this, as the Controller uses the SampException.
  2. Changed the resolution of the "unit resolution histogram" to be configurable.
  3. Histograms can now be of two types: emission lines or template. When a histogram is emission lines, the given values are distributed equally to the closest nodes of the unit resolution histogram. When it is template, it is distributed equally to a number of nodes, the ones which are included in the half of the distance from the previous and next keys.
  4. The user can chose the type of datasets for: Source template, sky emisison, galactic template, zodiacal template.
  5. A bug which was allowing for infinite loops when a combo box was updated is fixed.

Version 0.2.0 Download

Version 0.1.0 Download

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