In this page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about ETC-42.

How to add a JAVA exception rule to allow ETC-42 ?

You might encounter difficulties to run ETC-42 software due to JAVA restrictions. If you do so, you can modify your JAVA security rules and add an exception to allow running the ETC-42 JNLP.

  • Linux:
    • Open a terminal
    • First, locate your current java installation by typing : "alternatives --config java"
    • Go in the associated directory such as : "cd /usr/java/latest/bin"
    • Run the JAVA control panel : "./ControlPanel"
    • Go in the security tab
    • Modify the websites exception list
    • Add the following entry : ""
    • Press OK and close the remaining windows and your terminal
    • You are good to run ETC trough the JNLP and/or JMMC Launcher !